1983 G&L F-100 Series II

1983 F-100 Series II. This lovely G&L guitar is made with an ash body and a maple neck, all in a natural gloss finish. Dual MFD Humbuckers with coil split and phase switching give tonal versatility. This guitar plays nicely, and sounds, well, pretty bad-ass.

This 20-year old G&L is in very good condition, with a handful of dings and some minor checking. There’s one ding in particular that’s worthy of mention – a piece of finish is missing on the lower bout horn. The cool thing is that it does not seem to have taken any wood with it. Just the finish has a spot knocked out.

This guitar is equipped with a bi-cut neck and crinkle black hardware. This along with the hardtail bridge make for a pretty rare feature set. It’s a well-played-in guitar, and while the frets are certainly not new, they are all even. Previous owner described this as “little to no fret wear” when I bought it, but I’d say that all the frets have worn a bit… just completely evenly. They are still nice and fat. No need for a fret job. Currently set up for o.010 strings. This sweet G&L is an all around tone machine – you could pull off anything from rock to jazz to twang, depending on your rig.

I recently bought this guitar on ebay with the intention of starting out my early/vintage G&L collection. But I didn’t buy it to put on a wall – it was bought to be played! What I realised is that this is very similar in configuration and control placement to a stratocaster, and I am really more of a tele man. So this won’t be the kick-off to the collection after all. I’m going ASAT hunting! Comes with a gig bag.