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Here, you'll find comments from customers about the instruments they have purchased from us, and about their overall experience.

~ Imagine Guitars

Hello! I apologize for forgetting your name, but I sure haven't forgotten Imagine Guitars! I purchased a Breedlove Masterclass A15 with a Bearclaw Sitka Spruce top from you last August-September, and I can't speak highly enough of the true service you provide to the music community by providing the opportunity to peruse such an assortment of absolutely fine instruments. I had been looking for a Breedlove as I very much like the playability and sound of my 12-string, but my Masterclass is beyond what I had imagined. It has opened up an entirely new world of playing to me, and I don't think it could have happened if you didn't have such a vast assortment of outstanding guitars for us to sample. You had nicer and prettier guitars on hand but never in the 30+ years I've played guitar have I touched one that seemed a very part of me. I actually can now play, really play! There are a couple of songs that make my wife and friends weep (in the good way!) and I would never have found such a voice if not for you. I can't thank you enough, and certainly hope that every and any musician (I can call myself a musician now) who has a song in his heart has the privilege to buy a guitar from you.

Best Wishes,
Clark Pittman

"Hey Frank, I received the guitar this morning around 11:15 am in perfect shape, its beautiful! Thanks again. Now if I can sneak out of the office to tune her up and plug it in, I smell jam session!!! "

Johnny (New Orleans VooDoo)

"The guitar has arrived in perfect condition.  It is absolutely spectacular--even better than your photos. The set up is absolutely "spot on" and I haven't been able to put it down since it arrived. Truly a beautiful musical instrument and a work of art. Thank you for your great service!"

Jim (Breedlove Electric Mark I Calendar)

"I received the guitar sounds great, plays great and looks great. Thanks for your help. I'll be in touch re: a Mark I"

Michael (Breedlove sitka/maple Focus)

"I received the Breedlove Quartz KF yesterday (it came a day early). In short, it is great.  I love its overall tone and feel.  Can't wait to really dig into it this weekend.  Thank you for your personal assistance regarding my order.  That is a difficult thing to find this day and age, even at a brick and mortar shop.  I'll be sure to recommend you to any other people I encounter that are in the market for a mandolin or guitar.  Keep up the good work."

Eric G., Germantown, TN (Breedlove Quartz KF)

"The cascade arrived yesterday. It is a thing of beauty and, I expect, it
will be a joy forever. Thank you very much--this entire transaction has
been a pleasure."

Stu G., Fayetteville, NY (Breedlove Cascade)

"Just a quick note to say I received my Breedlove Rogue mandolin today, literally mint condition as advertised, even better looking than your excellent web photos show, and even better sounding in my own studio, despite your representative sound clips (which I thank you for). Hats off to the Breedlove crew for their artwork, which I intend to play and enjoy looking at for life, and thanks for your fine service!"

Eric B., Malta, IL (Breedlove Rogue)

"I received my Breedlove C12 today in perfect condition and right on time. Of course I opened the case within the first 10 minutes- couldn't wait...awesome & beautiful. This guitar is a pleasure to play, I especially like the neck- shape & finish. I expect to enjoy this guitar for many a year to come. Thank you so much for working with me to this end."

Ben S., Ventura, CA (Breedlove C12, Engelmann Spruce/Maple)

"Thank you for the super guitar. I re-strung it last night. She's sounds wonderful. I've been pickin' and grinnin' all morning. Thanks!"

J.C., Address withheld (Breedlove SC25 Redwood/Rosewood)

"Just wanted to drop you a short note and let you know that the SD20/MH arrived safe and sound yesterday. This is flat-out the best-looking all-mahogany guitar I've ever seen, and the condition was pretty much flawless. Thank you for all your help in getting this deal done."

Matt B., Raleigh, NC (Breedlove SD20 Mahogany)

"It arrived today. What an absolute beauty, sonically and visually. Thanks so very much for making this happen. Feel free to use me as a reference for other e-customers if you ever need to."

Dan L., Atherton CA (Breedlove Reverse Northwest)

"Beautiful! Even perfectly in tune! And luckily enough it's raining today in Phoenix, RH is 45%. I didn't have to wait to open it. I am most impressed, with the guitar, with Breedlove, and with your service."

Lumpy, Phoenix, AZ (Breedlove J25-12)

"The guitar is here--looks great. It has more bass than i expected, and also a "quieter" but more balanced guitar than those I have played."

Jim C., Bethesda MD (1996 Breedlove C15, Koa)

"Can't tell you how pleased I am and how impressed with the CM."

Paul W., McLean, VA (Breedlove CM Custom, Myrtlewood)

"David, Have been out of town got back yesterday and oped the guitar. Wow. It is everything you said great sound and plays like butter. Thanks."

Pete C., Danville VA (Breedlove CM Classic)

"Just contacting you to let you know that the guitar arrived today safe and sound. The guitar is just as advertised, beutiful craftsmanship of a Breedlove, with great tone and playability. Thanks for your efforts in the transaction."

Melvin F., St. Petersburg, FL (Breedlove C15 Koa)

"The guitar is everything that I expected and more. The quality of the workmanship and the quality of the sound are both outstanding. I appreciate the professional way that you handled the transaction, making the overall experience a complete pleasure."

Marvin Z., Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (Breedlove SJ25 Cedar/Koa)

"David, Have been out of town got back yesterday and oped the guitar. Wow. It is everything you said great sound and plays like butter. Thanks."

Pete C., Danville VA (Breedlove CM Classic)

"Its one sweet guitar, both as an object of art, and as an instrument. I'm actually about to go to your website to see what others you have for sale. Keep up the good work."

Bill K., Ashburn, VA (Breedlove Pacific)

"Thanks! Guitar arrived Tuesday in perfect condition. It's beautiful and comfortable. I'm checking the tone out now. I'll keep watching for more of your items."

Jeff K., Laguna Beach, CA (Breedlove Northwest Classic )

"The buying experience with Imagine Guitars could not have been done with more personal touches, honesty, integrity and value! I'm looking forward to our next transaction."

Bryan F., Phoenix, AZ (Breedlove CM Custom, Sitka/Rosewood)

"(The) guitar arrived in fine shape. The guitar is gorgeous and plays great. Great tone, and as expected not extremely loud. I feel it will be one of my favorite fingerstyle guitars."

Micheal M., White Pigeon, MI (Breedlove C15, Redwood/Mahogany)

"I just got the guitar today and it's a beauty. Lovely tone and extremely well intonated..perfect for the recording I'm doing. Thanks!!"

Bryan Bassett, New Smyrna Beach, FL (Breedlove SJ25, Rosewood )

"This is a phenomenal guitar. It's well-balanced, the tone is gorgeous, and the neck is quick, smooth, and luxurious, if I may use such superlatives. Well done!"

Matt G., Address Withheld (Breedlove Balance)

"The CM arrived and it is extraordinary. I want to thank you for the way that you do business. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. The guitar is a jewel."

Ned G., Amherst, MA (Breedlove CM Classic)

"The guitar arrived today. Wow, what a beauty. I've run it through a few paces and the only thing I can think is "Where have you been all my life?" I wanted to let you know that it got here OK, two days earlier than projected, and I am thrilled with my purchase. You described and represented the guitar perfectly and honestly and I am grateful for a problem- and worry-free transaction. Thanks again."

Adam C., Akron, OH (Breedlove C25, Cedar/Walnut)

"... I've been enjoying the SJ25 a lot. I ended up putting a .14 on the high e string for much better tone and decreased buzzing. I used this guitar to make a demo for the Telluride Blues Festival's acoustic blues competition and managed to make it into the finals. If I win I'll add a Gibson to my collection and play on the main stage."

Paul B., Sandia Park, NM (Breedlove SJ25, Sitka/Walnut)

"Had a chance to play the guitar. (It) has a nice airy, warm tone to it but it's more controlled and balanced than a dreadnought. Excellent sustain too. Thanks for your help on this one."

Steven S., Dallas, TX (Breedlove Focus, Cedar/Rosewood)

"Just wanted to let you know I received the C12 today. I looks and sound great. Thanks for the smooth transaction."

Rob C., Charlotte, NC (Breedlove C12, Sunburst/Maple)

"The guitar is here safe and sound and it is just beautiful! I haven't had a chance to play for more than a few minutes and it sounds and looks wonderful. I'm very pleased. Thank you for everything and very best wishes!"

Glenn G., Manassas, VA (Breedlove SJ25 12 String, Sitka/Myrtlewood)