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The SMARTPLAY™ Program

NOTE: New Policy in effect 7/23/06. You will now have the option of return with refund on any Breedlove instrument in my inventory.

When you buy from Imagine Guitars, I want you to enjoy a purchasing experience that is smooth, professional, and as risk-free as possible. I carry a carefully chosen selection of Breedlove acoustic guitars and mandolins, and I try to represent these instruments thoroughly and honestly, so that there are no surprises after purchase. But because you are buying an instrument without actually having played it yourself, there is still the slight chance that it may not be quite right for you. With some internet dealers, you're stuck. But not with Imagine Guitars.

The SmartPlay™ Program (SPP) gives you exactly what you need in the unlikely event that an instrument does not quite meet your needs - it gives you options. I've designed the SPP to provide you with the most satisfying, reassuring and risk-free purchasing experience that I can provide, and to give you a clear understanding of what to expect before you buy.

SPP - Breedlove Stock Instruments
Imagine Guitars is proud to carry a select inventory of acoustic and electric instruments. The SPP now applies to the following (please see separate section below for consignment instruments):

-Breedlove Custom Shop guitars (New, Tried and True or Used)
-Breedlove Custom Shop mandolins (New, Tried and True or Used)

When you purchase an instrument from Imagine Guitars, you get the chance to decide for yourself if it is right for you. In the event that the instrument does not meet your needs, you can:

a. return the instrument for full credit against the purchase of any other new Breedlove instrument in stock at Imagine Guitars.

b. return the instrument and apply your full balance toward the purchase of a custom-built instrument of your design and choosing.

c. return the instrument for a refund.

These options are subject to the following conditions.

1. 48-Hour Approval Period

You must contact me by email or phone within 48 hours of receipt of the instrument to request a return authorization. Do not ship instruments without first obtaining a return authorization number. If I happen to be unavailable by phone, simply send me an email noting your desire to return the instrument within the 48 hours, and I will follow up with you.

Custom-ordered instruments are not returnable for a cash refund, but may be eligible for trade-in against stock instruments of equal or greater value. Please contact me to discuss at the time of order.

2. Shipping Charges & Discount Rates

In the event of a return, all shipping charges are non-refundable, and are the responsibility of the buyer.

3. Credit Card Fees

If you decide to return an instrument for a refund, and you paid via Credit Card or Paypal, the "discount rates" that are charged to me by these payment processing companies on a per-transaction basis are non-refundable. The current applicable rates are 2.4% for Mastercard/Visa, 2.2% for Discover, and 3% for Paypal.

Please note that if you return the instrument to exchange for an alternate stock or custom-ordered instrument, you won't be charged the discount rate fee - this only applies to customers requesting refunds.

3. Cash Refunds

If you request a cash refund, it will be issued by check, and sent promptly by certified priority mail. I can also send certified funds in the form of a cashier's check, by request, for a small extra fee.

If you paid by Credit Card and wish to have the amount credited back to your card, that is also possible, but the reason I prefer check is because a merchant fee gets charged when the funds go in the reverse direction, too. You have my friendly Merchant Bank to thank for that one. So unfortunately I’d have to charge another 2.X% in the refund direction as well. I am not sure if Paypal is the same way or not. If I am able to initiate a Paypal refund that also reimburses the payment fee, I will do so.

4. Instrument Condition

In order to qualify for a cash refund, the new instrument must be returned in a condition identical to that in which it was sent. I won’t be going over the instrument with a magnifying glass looking for fingerprints and dust, but at the same time, if you scratch a new instrument with your belt buckle, a pick, or other sharp or blunt object, etc., the value of the instrument will be impacted and we will need to discuss our options.

Because of my proximity to the Breedlove factory, I am able to offer convenient and economical Breedlove factory pickup installations on any of my stock instruments. Please note that if you choose to have an electronics package installed into your instrument at the time of purchase, you will not be able to return that instrument for a cash refund. You can, however, return that instrument within 48 hours for full credit against the purchase of an alternate instrument of equal or greater value, or a custom order.

You must package the guitar securely in the original packaging, and include any extra items that were sent with the guitar unless I have given you specific approval to keep anything.

5. Transit Time

In order to be able to offer a refund option for new Breedlove instruments, if an instrument is being returned to me, I need to minimize the time it spends in transit. If you wish to have a cash refund option available to you, round trip shipment is subject to the following requirements:

a. Instruments must not be in transit over weekends or holidays - in other words, shipping in either direction must be by a level of service that ensures the guitar will arrive within the same week as it was shipped.

b. You must insure the instrument for full value. Safe return of the instrument to Imagine Guitars is your responsibility.

The availability of an approval period for consignment instruments will vary according to the requirements of the instrument owner. However, I generally make sure that a consigner is comfortable with an approval period for buyers before I take on an instrument. Please contact me to enquire about approval periods for specific consignment instruments.

For return/approval policies on other used instruments, please contact me. Generally speaking, instruments purchased via eBay auctions are non-returnable, with the noted exception of Breedlove Tried and True instruments, which are subject to the return policy specified above. Electronics and guitar amplifiers are generally non-returnable.

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