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Mission Statement
Musical instruments can be a tricky thing to buy sight unseen. An instrument can match a written description to the tee, and yet still not be "quite right". And if you're at all queasy about the prospect of buying a guitar or amplifer from an internet-only business, it is understandable - it's a scary marketplace out there. But my mission at Imagine Guitars is to offer the best products, the best customer service, and the best possible on-line purchasing experience that I possibly can.

Ultimately, if you have an interest in a specific instrument, I want you to get the most intimate feel for that instrument that you can without actually laying hands on it. First, I want to provide you with the clearest and most captivating instrument photography I can produce. Instruments in my inventory are not only fantastic creative tools, but are often also works of art, and I continually strive to capture that art as accurately as possible. Next, I try to use my own experience in the world of guitars and mandolins to help you find the instrument that is right for you. Yes, I am a dealer, but I am also a working and performing musician. I have high expectations for the tools I select for my own creative needs. We all need instruments that will inspire us with their sound and their beauty, no matter what our level of play. My job is to help you find the guitar that speaks to you, and that you can speak through. Finally, in every aspect of my business, I seek to communicate clearly and honestly, and to stand behind the products that I represent