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[T&T]: Breedlove Tried & True Instrument
[NEW]: New/Retail Instrument
[1YW]: One Year Factory Warranty
[LTW]: Limited Lifetime Factory Warranty
[LHSC]: Breedlove Logo Hardshell Case
[DHSC]: Breedlove Deluxe Hardshell Case
Breedlove Acoustic Guitars [New]
Breedlove Concerts & Auditoriums, New
The Breedlove Phoenix is one of my favorite Breedlove Master Class acoustics, and it is definitely a customer favorite, too. Since the stock Phoenix is built upon a C10 platform with no cutaway, I decided to have a custom Phoenix built with the addition of a soft cutaway. The shallow body format is retained, making this a C15 Custom with the Phoenix feature set.
[NEW, LTW, DHSC] Retail: $7,299 Imagine: Please Enquire
Breedlove Revival Series, New
Breedlove's 12-fret 000 adds a very interesting dimension to the Revival Series. Renewed interest in the 12-fret body style is understandable, given the unique tonal properties, projection, and vintage vibe of this model. This particular guitar is a Breedlove Revival 000 Deluxe.
[NEW, LTW, DHSC] Retail: $3,999 Imagine: $3,199
This is the third guitar in the 2007 Calendar series, and it is a Breedlove Revival Custom Dreadnought. The back and sides are of Flamed Maple, with a Maple Neck, and the top is Red Spruce (as is the top bracing). The top, back, sides and neck/headstock are all finished in Breedlove sunburst.
[NEW, LTW, DHSC] Retail: $4,999 Imagine: Please Email
Breedlove Acoustic Guitars [Tried and True, Used, Consignment]

Breedlove Jumbos & Dreads, Tried and True, Used, Consignment

A couple of months ago, I was talking with a customer about the Ed Gerhard model, and we were wondering how it might sound with a Myrtlewood back and sides. Not long after that conversation, this guitar arrived. And now I know. And I can highly recommend the combination!
[DHSC] Retail: $5,749 Imagine: $3,750

Warmth. Power. Harmonic complexity. Big, fat bass. This Breedlove SJ25 is #3 of a five-instrument limited edition run. It features an upgraded spoked Abalone rosette with soundhole binding, and Breedlove's Balance inlay.
[DHSC, T&T] Retail: $4,499 Imagine: $2,899
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