Breedlove Calendar VIII
J25-12 Walnut/Walnut

Serial Number: 8065
Style: Jumbo, Deep with Soft Cutaway
Top: Walnut
Back: Walnut
Binding: Black, with Abalone Purfling
Fretboard: Ebony with dots inlay
Electronics: None
Condition: Mint
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hardshell
Warranty: n/a
Retail Price: $6,599
Breedlove J25-12, Walnut/Walnut
Calendar VIII

Number VIII in the 2006 Breedlove Calendar Series is a spectacular twelve string - a J25-12, in Walnut. That's Walnut on top, Walnut on the back and sides, and a neck of, you guessed it, Walnut. I've had the pleasure of representing a couple of other all-Walnut Breedlove instruments, including the fabled "Reverse Northwest", and they've all been superlative. This instrument is no exception. Nicely appointed with Master Class black binding, and an Abalone purfling on both the top of the body and on the fingerboard, too. The purfling is paired with a simple Abalone ring rosette, and the overall effect is one of understated class.

But there is nothing understated about the sound of this guitar - huge, powerful and resonant, but also quite balanced. As you'd expect, the trebles are harmonically complex, but very clear. And the bass is up-front, but never overwhelming.

This instrument was purchased recently by a customer of mine, but he later opted to trade it back for a six-string. It is in mint condition. Original retail price was $6,599. Includes Breedlove Deluxe Hardshell case.

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