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Imagine Guitars from its inception in 2001 was formed with the concept of providing the finest in handcrafted instruments with a level of uncompromising personal service and knowledge. Originally located in Washington State as a dealer of Breedlove Guitars, the previous owner, David Ingram, now works for Breedlove directly.

The “NEW” Imagine Guitars has moved to Florida, and will continue to offer the finest instruments and the same level of service past customers have come to expect. We continue to offer Master Class Instruments from Breedlove Guitars however visitors to the web sight will see some changes and a lot more to choose from. New names such as Warrior, David Thomas McNaught, New Orleans, Froggy Bottom, Abyss and some classic names such as Fender, Martin, PRS and Gibson also grace our pages.

In addition to an expanded line of Breedlove Guitars you will also find other unique instruments from Custom Electric Guitars to Boutique Amps as well as some vintage instruments we have discovered along the way. We continue to look for talented Luthiers who want to share their inspirations with the world.


Frank Mann