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Warrior Custom Shop Electric Bass

Style: Solid Body 5 String Electric Bass
Top: Pearl White Finish
Back: Pearl White Finish
Bindings: n/a
Fretboard: Ebony with Archangel Inlay
Condition: Mint/New
Case: Warrior Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Retail: $7,500

Warrior Custom Shop Electric Bass
Pearl White Gabriel 5 String

Warrior Custom Shop - Pearl White Gabriel 5 String Electric Bass Guitar

Made as part of a set of instruments, this is a five string electric bass guitar finished in all White Pearl like the finest Grand Pianos. The instrument has gold hardware with jeweled white pearl knob inserts and solid pearl tuners. In this same vein the two pick-ups are covered with solid sheets of pearl to match the feel of the over all instrument.

Solidly made with a through neck design, the heal of the neck is scooped away perfectly to allow you access to the lowest fret on the instrument with ease. The tail piece is heavily designed with precision adjustments. A unique design feature of all Warrior bass guitars is the through the body tail piece that anchors the larger gauge strings used on most 5 and 6 string models minimizing stress and extending the life of the strings.

The fretboard has a colorful pearl inlay of the archangel Gabriel continuing the motif. This instrument sounds powerful and is well suited for a wide variety of styles from rock, to free wheeling jazz or blues and funk.