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Ibanez Sound Gear Four String Bass Guitar

Style: Solid Body Double Cutaway
Body: Bubinga
Fretboard: Rosewood with MOP ovals
Condition: Mint/New
Case: Molded Hard Shell
Warranty: One Year
Retail Price: $733

Ibanez Sound Gear Four String Bass Guitar
Double Cut Body in Bubinga

Ibanez Sound Gear 4 String Bass Guitar with Bubinga Body

This is a great 4 string bass guitar from Ibanez. It is a solid body double cutaway with a Bubinga body. The neck is rosewood with Mother of Pearl Ovals. It has two active pickups and dark chrome hardware.

For the money this is a great bass guitar. The neck is small and fast and it produces great tone. You can tell this thing will sound good playing it unplugged. I like many of Ibanez’s solid body electric guitars, but this bass is a favorite.