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Breedlove Exotic VI Master Class Concert Acoustic Guitar

Top: Adirondack Spruce
Back & Sides: Striped Ebony
Bindings: Master Class in Bloodwood
Purfling: Abalone Top and Rosette
Fretboard: Ebony with Wings Inlay
Neck: Solid Mahogany with Gold Gotoh Tuners
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Retail Price: $6,799.00
Imagine Price: Call

Breedlove Exotic VI Master Class Concert, Deep Body, Soft Cut Acoustic Guitar

The Breedlove Exotic VI is a Master Class instrument that we really like a lot. It combines a concert body with a soft cutaway. This particular one has a body made of some really figured Stripped Ebony body mated with a Adirondack Spruce top and accented with Master Class binding in contrasting Bloodwood.

The neck is Mahogany with Gold and Black Gotoh tuners. The fret board is ebony with Mother of Peal Wings inlay. The top has Abalone purfling and Master Class Abalone rosette and a Bloodwood rim. The Ebony Fretboard has more of the beautiful Bloodwood binding it as well that really pops against the Ebony.

Even the Ebony winged bridge on this guitar has a nice streak of heartwood running through it. Everything about this Master Class instrument is enhanced with exceptional wood selection. I could not build a custom Exotic VI any better if I hand picked all the materials by myself.

The combination of an Adirondack Spruce top and Stripped Ebony body combine to generate a powerful sound. It has lots of bass and great volume with an enhanced midrange and highs as well as tons of harmonics and sustain for days. It is all you would expect in a Master Class guitar with stunning good looks to boot.