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Breedlove Mark I Custom Chambered Electric Guitar with an RMC PolyDrive

Top: Quilted Maple with Merlot Finish
Body: Chambered Mahogany
Bindings: White
Purfling: Black-White-Black
Pickups: Lollar Imperial Humbuckers
Fretboard: Ebony with Rose & Thorn Inlay
Neck: Set Solid Mahogany with Gotoh 510 Tuners
Electronics: RMC Synergy Pickup with Polydrive V
Hardware: Chrome Tone Pro
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Retail Price: $8,099.00
Imagine Price: Call

Breedlove Mark I Custom Chambered Electric Guitar with Quilted Maple Top

Here is another great Breedlove Mark I electric straight from the NAMM show. These are wonderful guitars that are really gaining popularity but this one is really special. We worked closely with the Breedlove designers to come up with a few extra features for this model that I think you will like a lot.

The Mark I is an asymmetrical shape similar to the Breedlove award wining CM acoustic. This one has a Quilted Maple top finished with a Merlot color with chrome hardware. It has a large intricate Inlay on the neck of a Multi-colored Rose with Thorns and Crimson drops of blood dripping from the thorns. This is hand crafted by Kim Breedlove personally from a variety of colors of select Mother of Pearl and Bloodwood. The stem of the rose seems to be an extension of the guitar’s binding on the top. This is a custom one off design that had Breedlove beating the dealers off at the recent NAMM show.

Not only is it uniquely beautiful but this instrument is the ultimate recording guitar as well. It is equipped with a set of Jason Lollar Imperial Humbuckers for magnetic pickups as well as an RMC peizo system with two separate ¼ inch outputs as well as a 13 pin output. This system has an on board preamp with EQ sliders. The lower ¼ inch output gives you a blend of the magnetic and peizo pickups with a master volume control and a blend level slider.

When you use the upper ¼ inch output you get the humbucker outputs alone, but it does not end there. You can use both ¼ inch outputs and you will get the magnetic pickups, un-blended from the top one and the peizo from the bottom separately for Bi-amping. Plug the humbuckers into your favorite tube amp and the peizo directly into an acoustic amp and switch back and forth on the fly. Some guitars with peizo systems give you only one output and a stereo plug. This one allows you to blend the outputs with a Master volume or run them separately into different amp configurations.

The technology does not end there with this guitar. The RMC system has an on board 13-pin output connector that lets you plug your guitar right into a Roland or Axon system. Now you have a Synth-Midi guitar. Use any of the Roland or Axon software packages to play a grand piano, a B3 organ, a variety of brass instruments, drums, or an entire orchestra all played from your guitar.

Plug this guitar into your computer using your DAW software and your guitar can become any instrument you wish recording directly to your hard drive in high definition. You can record as many instrument tracks of your own song directly into your computer yourself one at a time by using your new guitar as the ultimate Midi Controller for guitar players.

With an Axon system you can actually play multiple instruments live at the same time on one guitar. Imagine playing bass guitar, a B3 organ for rhythm, and screaming lead guitar all from one instrument live at the same time depending on which string and position on the guitar you play. All of this is possible with the new Breedlove Mark I equipped with the Polydrive system. Other big named guitar companies have tried some version of this but none give you the overall flexibility of this instrument.

If you want a uniquely beautiful looking and sweet sounding guitar that is the perfect instrument for recording and playing live, your search is over.