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Breedlove Master Class Calendar C25 Koa &Red Cedar with Snakewood

Style: Grand Concert Soft Cut
Top: Red Cedar
Back: Figured Koa Snakewood Backstrap
Binding: Master Class Snakewood
Fretboard: Ebony with Custom Budda’s Charm Inlay
Electronics: None
Condition: New
Case: Breedlove Deluxe Hard Shell
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Retail Price: $6,799.00

Breedlove Master Class Calendar C25 in Koa & Red Cedar & Snakewood Bindings

Every once in a while Breedlove collects some wonderful material and hordes them away until they decide to create a one of a kind instrument. This is one of those rare times with this Custom C25 we have here. It is a Grant Concert with a soft cutaway design.

They choose some select highly figured Flamed Koa for the body and married it to a Red Cedar top. This sounds a lot like one of my all time favorite Breedlove Master Class guitars, the King Koa. They then added some Master Class Snakewood bindings that add contrast. They continued the Snakewood down the back with a back strap that accents the Koa beautifully.

The headstock is covers with more of this beautiful Snakewood and equipped with Gold & Black Gotoh 510 tuners. Accenting the Red Cedar top is a spoke rosette of more Snakewood with more on the lip of the sound hole. Rather than use Abalone here, the matching Snakewood rosette adds to the over all look of the guitar.

In the tradition of many previous Breedlove Calendar limited edition guitars, they artist at Breedlove put their creative skills into over drive and created a one of a kind master piece for the inlay in the neck. First they choose some rare and exceptional materials that are each beautiful in their own right. However when used in combination they become iridescent in color and form to make this a true work of art.

The list of materials chosen for this inlay master piece includes Abalone, Snakewood, Gold Mother of Pearl, White Mother of Pearl, Lapis Lazuli, and Red Pipestone. They chose the theme for the inlay’s design from a Buddhist theme and call it Buddha’s Charm. The combination of creative style and form with a palette of rich colors jumps out at you.

And oh by the way, this guitar sounds every bit as wonderful as you would expect from a Breedlove Master Class instrument. The combination of Red Cedar and Koa is a proven formula for tremendously warm harmonic over tones and balanced base and midrange. The Koa they selected changes form and grain several times as you angle it to the light almost like four guitars in one.

If you are looking for a one of a kind Master Class Guitar with great sound and collectability this may be the one.