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Welcome to the Imagine Guitars Instrument Gallery - a repository of mandolin and guitar photography. Here, you'll find the listings for just about every instrument I've had the pleasure of finding a home for.

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Breedlove Concert Guitars

Breedlove C12 Custom, Redwood/Ziricote
Breedlove C25, Cedar/Mahogany
Breedlove SC20, German Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood
Breedlove Pacific Custom
Breedlove CM Custom
Breedlove Northwest Custom, Bear Claw Spruce
Breedlove Pacific
Breedlove SC25-12, Sitka Spruce/Myrtlewood
Breedlove SC25, Redwood/Rosewood
Breedlove N25e Nylon
Breedlove Focus
Breedlove Reverse Northwest
Breedlove C25, Sitka Spruce/Mahogany
Breedlove C20-12, Redwood
Breedlove C25, Cedar/Walnut
Breedlove C25 Koa
Breedlove Northwest Classic
Breedlove C12, Engelmann Spruce/Maple
Breedlove C12 (C1), Sitka Spruce/Maple
Breedlove SC25, Adirondack Spruce/Walnut
Breedlove SC25, Sitka Spruce/Myrtlewood
Breedlove Northwest Classic
Breedlove C20, Sitka Spruce/Rosewood
Breedlove SC25, Sitka Spruce/Rosewood
Breedlove SC25 Sitka Spruce/Maple
Breedlove CM Classic
Breedlove C25, Engelmann Spruce/Rosewood
Breedlove Fusion
Breedlove C15, Koa
Breedlove CM Custom, Engelmann/Myrtlewood
Breedlove SC25, Striped Ebony
Breedlove CM Classic
Breedlove SC25, Left Handed
Breedlove C15, Cedar/Koa
Breedlove C22, Cedar/Mahogany
Breedlove Pacific, Sunburst
Breedlove Focus
Breedlove Pacific
Breedlove C10, German Spruce/Flamed Maple
Breedlove SC25, Sitka/Walnut
Breedlove SN25 Nylon
Breedlove SC25, Sitka/Maple
Breedlove C15, Redwood/Mahogany
Breedlove Northwest Classic
Breedlove CM Custom, Sitka/Rosewood
Breedlove Balance
Breedlove Fusion
Breedlove CM Classic
Breedlove Focus, Cedar/Walnut, Feiten Tuning
Breedlove C25, Cedar/Walnut
Breedlove Focus, Cedar/Rosewood
Breedlove C12, Flamed Maple/Sunburst
Breedlove Dreadnought Guitars

Breedlove SD20, Mahogany/Mahogany
Breedlove D20, Figured Mahogany
Breedlove SD25 Sunburst
Breedlove Focus Dread
Breedlove D20, Flamed Maple
Breedlove Jumbo Guitars

Breedlove SJ25 Koa
Breedlove J25 Walnut
Breedlove J22-12, Striped Ebony
Breedlove J25-12, Cedar/Walnut
Breedlove Classic XII
Breedlove J22-12, Cedar/Koa
Breedlove SJ25, Mahogany
Breedlove J22, Cedar/Walnut
Breedlove SJ25 Cedar/Koa
Breedlove J20-12
Breedlove Focus 12
Breedlove SJ25
Breedlove SJ25 Walnut
Breedlove SJ25-12
Other Acoustic Guitars

Bourgeois OM

Crafters of Tennessee Tut Taylor Tennessean
Dupont (Maurice) MD50, French Spruce/Rosewood
Lowden S32
Martin D-28, 1947
Martin 00-16NY, 1973
Martin OM-28V
Martin 000-28ECB, #375/500
Martin OM-45 Deluxe, Limited Edition, #3 of 4
Mossman Great Plains
Santa Cruz 12-Fret Dreadnought
Santa Cruz H-13
Taylor John Denver Commemorative Model
Taylor Nylon
Taylor 814ce
Taylor 710ce
Taylor 614ce, Blue Finish
Taylor 614ce
Taylor 614ce Custom Shop, Figured Redwood & Quilted Maple
Taylor K22-ce Custom Shop Grand Concert
Taylor Liberty Tree and Baby Liberty
Taylor PS-10ce-L4 Presentation Series Dreadnought
Taylor PS-15 Presentation Series Jumbo
Taylor XXX-BE 30th Anniversary Grand Concert, Limited Edition
Taylor XXX-MC 30th Anniversary Grand Concert, Limited Edition
Wingert Model E Grand Concert
Electric Guitars

Baker Junior Hollow (BJH)

Baker Junior Chambered (BJC) Gold Top, Prototype
Baker B1C Inferno
Baker B1 '59, #105
Chapman The Stick XG™ in Extended Graphite
Driskill Diablo, #006
Fender Stratocaster, 1958
Fender Esquire, John English Masterbuilt
Fender Stratocaster, 1979
Fender Stratocaster, "50's" Jason Davis Masterbuilt
Fender Stratocaster, 50th Anniversary, Yuriy Shishkov Masterbuilt
Fender Telecaster, John English Masterbuilt
G&L SC-1, Viking Blue
G&L ASAT, Blonde, 1986
G&L ASAT, Sparkle Blue
G&L ASAT, Sparkle Red
G&L ASAT Classic
G&L ASAT, 1953 Chevy Green
G&L F-100 II
Gibson Les Paul Custom, 1998
Gibson ES-175, formerly owned by John Jorgenson
Gibson ES-350T
Giffin 12-String, Redwood & Blistered Maple
Giffin Micro
Gretsch G6118T Anniversary, 2-Tone Cadillac Green
Gretsch 6121w Round-Up
McInturff Monarch (TCM)
Parker Fly
Parker Nite Fly, USA
Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, Artist Package, 2001
Paul Reed Smith McCarty
Breedlove Mandolins

Breedlove Oregon
Breedlove Cascade Custom
Breedlove Rogue
Breedlove Quartz OO
Breedlove Quartz KO
Breedlove Cascade
Breedlove Cascade #007
Breedlove Quartz KF
Breedlove Cascade
Breedlove Quartz KO
Breedlove Cascade

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