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Q. Can I custom-order my Breedlove guitar or mandolin through Imagine Guitars?

Imagine Guitars carries both brand new and used Breedlove guitars and mandolins, as well as 'Tried and True' factory-certified used Breedloves. It would be my pleasure to help you configure the custom Breedlove guitar or mandolin of your dreams. Call or write at your convenience to discuss.


Q. Do you slacken strings before shipment?

A. David's Thoughts.... "I've read, heard and participated in a lot of passionate debates about this issue. A quick search on usenet ought to provide you with an afternoon of reading, and there are a lot of different opinions, so I won't repeat much of that here. But here's what I think: that it's best to ship most guitars with the strings at their intended performance tension. The modern guitar neck is a balanced system - you have the tension of the strings pulling in opposition to the force exerted by the truss rod. Adjustment of truss rod tension causes a change in the balance of these considerable forces, allowing the amount of neck relief to be adjusted. If you slacken the strings completely, you're basically releasing the force on one side of this balanced system, and the truss rod is now exerting an unopposed force on the neck. I don't view that as desirable. If you were slackening the strings for shipment, why wouldn't you also go ahead and back the truss rod adjustment nut all the way off? Well, because it would take considerable adjustment to get the neck back in optimal position, of course. But I'd rather ship a guitar with the two forces in balance, rather than with one force pulling unopposed."

Breedlove ships all of their instruments with the strings at full tension, as do a number of other reputable manufacturers. Our standard procedure is to ship this way as well. If you wish to have your instrument sent with the strings tuned down partially or completely, please request so in writing.

Q. Do you ship internationally?


Q. How much will it cost to ship to -----------, --?

A. Needless to say, shipping costs will depend on what's being sent, where it's being sent to, and how quickly you want it. Please enquire for shipping quotations.

Q. Do you charge a fee for handling or packaging?

Usually not. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of a shipping carton or box and packaging materials is included in the purchase price of an instrument, and you'll only pay charges for actual shipping and insurance. If there were ever an exception to that, it would be something that required special handling or packaging, like a heavy guitar amp.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. I accept credit cards directly from customers in the U.S. (Visa, Mastercard and Discover). I also accept Paypal, Cashier's Checks, and Money Orders (valid ones, of course). I can also accept Wire Transfers if none of these other options are acceptable. I do not accept any form of payment that requires the involvement of Western Union.

Q. Do you charge taxes, duty, etc.?

Insert Imagine Guitars FL State Tax info.

Q. Do you offer an approval period?

Yes. For more information, please read the Imagine Guitars SmartPlay™ Program. For more details, click below:


Q. Do you offer consignment services?

A. Yes I do. Please write to me regarding the particulars of the instrument you wish to sellI generally don't consign instruments worth less than $3,000 - it's not worth the expense for either party.

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