PRS Custom 22 Artist

Top: 5A Quilted Maple
Back: Mahogany
Board: Rosewood
Inlay: Birds
Binding: Maple
Electronics: Dual Humbuckers
Condition: Mint
Warranty: n/a
Retail Price:
2001 Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, Artist Package

This is one of the most amazing PRS guitars I've had my hands on to date. This is a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22, built with a top of clearly master grade 5A quilted maple, and equipped with the PRS Artist package. This set-neck instrument has a 25" scale, and is fitted with the PRS wrap-around stoptail bridge. Dual Dragon II humbuckers are onboard, and are selected via a 5-position rotary switch that allows either or both pickups to be selected, with the addition of two coil-tap (and possibly phase switching?) settings in positions 2 and 4. This gives you a wonderful variety of tones, from thicker LP-type sounds, to clean and articulate single-coil tones.

The Artist Package includes artist grade wood for the top, Paua bird inlays, a rosewood headstock overlay with inlaid Paua signature, gold hardware, and a leather hardshell case.

In addition to being a guitar dealer, I am also a guitar player and guitar lover. My band currently rehearses twice a week, and since we have a nice, large rehearsal space at our disposal, that's usually the place where I like to take new guitar arrivals to find out what they're all about. Oh, plus my Bad Cat Black Cat is over there! My band is getting used to a never-ending parade of different instruments coming through (I have my standbys but always try to work in one new arrival a week.) After a trial run with this PRS, everyone commented that they really enjoyed the tone and thought that I played better on this guitar! I didn't know how to take that second statement, but I'd agree that I found it super-comfortable, and that my faster single-note runs came out sounding very clean and articulate (we've been working on a piece with an intricate guitar melody.) My drummer, who is also a woodworker by trade, flipped out over the top wood, too. He also plays guitar, but his guitar dreams are way bigger than his guitar budget - otherwise, I know he would have scraped and scrounged to make it his.

This is a special PRS - as you know, you can spend many times this much on Private Stock PRS guitars, but I can't see you ending up with a better PRS from a tone/playability standpoint. And since this one has killer looks to boot, it's got everything you need out of a PRS at an excellent price.

Includes leather hardshell case and case candy. Condition is mint - it's spectacular.

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