The Stick XG™

Stock No. 008021

Serial Number: G2083
The Stick XG™ in Extended Graphite

• Long-scale 10-string Stick XG
• Structural graphite/ continuous strand carbon fiber construction
• 90 degree pointed Rails™ fret system
• Flaps™ dual nut unit
• Patented "3-D" adjustable bridge
• Patented adjustable truss rod flush with the rear neck surface
•PASV-4™ passive Villex quad pickup module
•Custom Flight Case
•Signed Instruction Book and Videos


" I wholeheartedly recommend the new carbon graphite construction, and have been exclusively playing the 10-string graphite model since January 2001, using first the ACTV-2 and then the PASV-4 Block modules. I like the increased string vibrating length at the very low frets, and my hands gravitate (or levitate) there. I also enjoy the sweet high melody end, and the subtle but solid precision in feel and overall tone from the Rails and smooth carbon graphite fretboard." - Emmett Chapman

Instrument is in mint condition, and includes custom flight case with tools, and other accessories. These include two videos, "Lessons on the Stick" with Bob Culbertson, the beggining and intermediate levels. The instruction book "Free Hands: A New Discipline of Fingers on Strings", by Emmett Chapman is also included. Emmett signed the cover for the original owner when he purchased it in late 2001. The Stick XG has stayed with that owner until now, but he has not had as much time to play it as he had hoped. It's spotless - in superb shape and ready to sing for anyone that can get down with a Stick. This instrument is definitely the top performance machine of the Stick product line. It's rock solid in build and feel, and incredibly precise but in an organic way - the hallmark of a great design.

I also have for sale a Rane SP13 preamp, a unit very similar to the Rane AP13, but designed specifcally for use with the Chapman Stick. The SP13 is not included in this listing - please see my other auctions.

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