Finish: 1953 Chevy Green
Body: Swamp Ash
Neck: Maple
Condition: Excellent +



(Tremendously Cool ASAT Alert...)

I went on a crazy ASAT buying spree this month. I've been jonesing for an ASAT ever since I sold a really nice masterbuilt Fender telecaster a few months ago. I love G&L guitars and wanted to go that route instead of getting a tele... I'm pleased to be the owner of an SC-1 hardtail and an '82 L-2000 bass, and I've had other G&L guitars at various times that I've bought, loved and sold. Lately, I've been hunting for a special ASAT. Hence the spree... and now I have three! See my other auctions for a newer ASAT Classic that I am selling. But let's stick to the matter at hand, shall we? And that is this very cool, very awesome early ASAT - before the plain ol' ASAT became the ASAT Classic, before BBE bought the company. I think it's a '92, with what I believe to be a '53 Chevy Green finish. This is Leo's ASAT in its simplest, purest incarnation - two M.F.D.s, two knobs and a three-way switch. And it sounds frickin' awesome. I just love these pickups - everything you could hope for in a single coil, and also more - more resolution, more detail and richness than a lot of other single coil pickup designs.

Please note that the pictures below show straplock strap buttons installed. The guitar will be shipped with the original strap buttons in place, not the straplocks.

I bought this guitar on ebay about a month ago. As I mentioned above, I've bought two other ASATs this month! I've been on a hunt for an ASAT I can love and call my own. I picked up three really great guitars in their own right, and the competition was tight. But last week I found myself an '86 ASAT - first production year - locally, and I had to have it, so I am selling this one and one more ASAT that I just bought - yet another killer guitar, with coil-tapped Duncan buckers and an onboard piezo pickup, too. Check my other auctions for that one!

Guitar is in excellent condition - no huge dings anywhere, just one scratch on the back, on the treble horn, about 3/4" long and not very deep. A hardshell case is included - not original to the guitar, but fits great.

The color is way off in this shot... just included to show the case
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