Paul Reed Smith Single Cut, 2001

Style: PRS Singlecut
Top: Big Leaf Maple Cap (10 Top)
Body: Mahogany
Board: Rosewood, with Birds inlay
Pickups: Dual Humbuckers
Finish: Purple
Condition: Excellent (see description)

2001 Paul Reed Smith Singlecut Electric Guitar

I've played quite a few PRS guitars over the past few years, but have somehow always managed to avoid crossing paths with a Singlecut in the four years since they were introduced. And of course, now there are no new ones to be had - the PRS Singlecut is on hold by court injunction, thanks to the litigious leanings of a certain instrument maker who shall remain nameless (ok, just one clue - starts with a G and ends in "ibson.") But in a stroke of luck, I recently took this beauty in on trade. And I've been playing it a lot since the day it arrived.

Of course, PRS has built a business upon refining the LP-Strat hybrid concept, but the Singlecut represents a sharp turn into Les Paul territory. It is by no means an LP ripoff - it is a guitar with the feel and vibe of a Les Paul, but with PRS refinements that make it an instrument unique unto itself. The first thing I noticed was the precision feel of the fretboard - the set up is perfect. It was a couple of days before I got to try it through an amp, which was over at my rehearsal space, and so I played it for a couple of days acoustically before getting to plug in. The guitar has a wonderful acoustic resonance to it. Once I got to amp up, I was very pleased to hear a guitar with a fat humbucker tone at heart, but with a high-end crispness, a definition, that gives this guitar a very expressive voice. And the tone controls are particularly powerful, too - I often don't mess with tone knobs, and tend to leave everything wide open. But there are sweet spots on this guitar that can be dialed in with ease and precision, may favorite being a two pickup blend with the bridge volume rolled off two ticks.

As you can see from the pictures, this PRS SC sports a carved flamed Maple "10" top, tinted in a rich purple color. The body itself is solid Mahogany, as is the set neck. The fretboard is Rosewood, and is inlaid with the PRS "Birds" motif. Hardware is nickel in color. This is an absolutely beautiful instrument.

Condition is mint. Includes original hardshell case and all original case candy, brochures, etc.

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