Fender Telecaster, Custom Shop
'61 Relic, Master-Built by John English

Tri-Color Sunburst
Three-Ply Pickguard
Rosewood Slab Fingerboard

I do not believe it is possible to find a more amazing Masterbuilt Fender Telecaster than this one. This is a '61 Telecaster Custom Relic with a beautiful tri-color sunburst finish, Masterbuilt by John English. There's a reason why Mr. English's wait list is so long over at the Fender custom shop. His work is fantastic! What strikes me as particularly notable is his neck and fret work. This is the second of his instruments I've owned - I recently had a beautiful Esquire of his in Lake Placid Blue, I've had the pleasure of playing a few of his stratocasters as well. They just FEEL so great. My friend, an avid John English fan and collector, says it's the next best thing to true vintage, and I'd have to agree.

This guitar is bound with Ivoroid on both the front and back of the body. The slab fingerboard is Rosewood - I believe Brazilian, but I have to check on that. The hand-wound pickups sound fantastic (I think Mr. English winds his own, but I could be wrong about that), and the three position tone switch is set up to select bridge alone, bridge/neck or neck alone. The bridge is of the three-piece variety, with threaded barrel saddles. This instrument was originally built for Norman's Rare Guitars, and the neck plate is engraved with words to that effect.

My plan was to keep this guitar safely on my wall, to enjoy for years to come. However, while I try to be a disciplined business owner, I am also a gear nut with constanty shifting, and invariably expensive, tastes. I've just been on a buying spree (I caught strat-itis, and of course I then needed a top-end Class A tube amp to play through!) and basically it is time for me to reshuffle my collection. I will be looking for a less expensive tele probably the minute after I ship this one off, so if you have a nice telecaster, esquire or even a cool G&L ASAT (especially 80's production) to trade toward this instrument, please contact me.

This John English Master Built Fender Esquire Custom is in as-new condition, or should I say in original as-reliced condition. The relicing on this instrument is pretty much confined to the body, where you'll find some moderate finish checking and a few intentional dings. I've seen some pretty over-the-top relicing, but I really like how the checking came out on this guitar. The neck is untouched, and the frets are beautiful. I think the tuners may have been very lightly reliced. Included with the guitar is the original Tweed case (mint), and all the case candy (strap, certificate, patch cord, etc., as pictured below.)

Set-up on this instrument is PERFECT! It is so nice to play - it feels solid and precise, but it's an extremely expressive and inviting instrument at the same time.

Words/Images ©2004 Imagine Guitars