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Gibson ES-175

Blonde Finish
Dual Humbuckers
Block Inlays
Formerly owned by John Jorgenson

This stunner of a guitar is a 2001 Gibson ES-175, in a stunning blonde finish that really lets the equally stunning Maple top, back and side set shine through. Not only is this a stellar Gibson in its own, but this instrument has a celebrity connection, as well. It was originally presented to John Jorgenson by Gibson, either in partial exchange for, or as a token of appreciation for, some work Mr. Jorgenson did for Gibson at a NAMM show. It was recently sold on ebay by a friend of Mr. Jorgenson's, a Nashville-based guitarist/musician with renown of his own. A customer and friend of mine bought the guitar from that fellow, and recently traded it to me in a highly complex multi-instrument deal (I love putting those together!)

Anyway, I don't have irrefutable proof of the Jorgenson connection. I do have a printed copy of the original auction, and some other related facts that I will provide to the successful winner of this auction. And let's be honest - who knows if J.J. did much more than look at it after it was given to him! I'm sure he gave it at least one strum, but I don't think he left any mojo on there. My playing certainly didn't improve when I picked it up - as cool a guitar as it is, it still sounded like me, but on an ES-175. Bottom line is that the celebrity ownership angle is an interesting anecdote with a bit of evidence to back it up. Purchase this guitar mainly because it's an excellent ES-175, and because it's in super condition. And then tell all your friends about how you have Mr. Jorgenson's old Gibson, over and over until they ask you to stop... ;-)

The previous owner this guitar completely worked over by his technician, with the work including a full setup and fret cleanup. The instrument is in as-new condition, plays wonderfully and sounds terrific. In fact, it's better than new, as usually, the first thing you'd want to do with a new Gibson is take it to your favorite tech anyway.

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