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Baker B1C, Inferno Inlay

Carved Quilted Maple Top
Mahogany Body & Neck
Inferno Inlay

Baker B1 Chambered (B1C), serial number 82/100. NAMM instrument, signed on the back of the headstock by Gene Baker and Gil Vasquez. This fantastic Baker was originally ordered/spec'd by Steihner/Killertone, who also provided a very special piece of quilted Maple for use in construction of this guitar. As you can see, the quilted figuring looks like waves of blue flame are rolling down the guitar. That figuring goes particularly well with the 'Inferno' inlay, done in stunning Abalone and Mother of Pearl. It's a fantastic piece of inlay artistry, and the combination of that inlay and carved top wood/finish make this Baker quite rare.

But beyond all issues of rareness and collectibility, there stands a simple fact. This Baker guitar is quite simply one of the most wonderful sounding, most lively, most easily playable instruments you could hope to put your hands on. Play this guitar unamplified, and you'll be amazed at how crisp and resonant the unplugged tone is. Plug in to a sweet tube amp, and you will find this guitar will respond with expressiveness and nuance - a sublime tone for everything from lead lines to fast/light chord comping, to heavier rhythm play. It's just GREAT!!!

Condition on this instrument is a 9.5/10. There is really only one ding worth mentioning - a slight finish crack - a little dimple about 1mm across. You'll see it pictured below. Includes original hardshell case, warranty certificate, certificate of authenticity (signed.)

Tiny ding on back, right above tail strap pin.
Ding has been overemphasized digitally for clarity.

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