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Baker B1 59, #105

Carved Maple AAA FlameTop
Mahogany Body
Seth Lover Nickel Pickups
Schaller Rotomatic Tuners

Here's a very special Baker... the B1 59, with a very low serial number - 105. A solid Mahogany body and carved Flamed Maple top give this guitar some serious punch at the low end, but this guitar has an articulate tone no matter where on the neck you find yourself. And what a neck - the '59 profile is really comfortable, but has a very solid feel. The B1 59 has become a very desirable Baker model.

The tone of this B1 59 is just sublime. The guitar is very resonant, and ringing sustain is there when you need it. I actually find myself playing it unplugged quite a lot, especially when it's not practical to amp up. I love hearing it acoustically, and feeling it resonate as I play. It seems like the whole instrument, from tail to headstock, is getting in on the act! Not only is this one of the best sounding electric guitars I've ever had the privilege of playing, but it is also one of the most nicely finished. When you handle this guitar, it does not take long to realize that Gene Baker is a master craftsman with an eye for both the big picture in terms of design and performance, but also for the details. Construction is virtually flawless.

The pickups are Seth Lover humbuckers - that's right - "factory-installed" Seth Lovers, amazing pickups and a rare standard option for a Baker. Each has its own separate volume and tone controls, and a three-way selector switch lets you use either or both at once, as you'd expect.

This instrument is in almost-mint condition. Just because I am very picky, I am going to suggest that you expect a tiny mark or two here and there, but nothing that I'd describe as a ding or scratch. There's also a little bit of fogginess on the pickup covers. It's beautiful, and is in supremely collectible shape! But the great thing about collecting Bakers, as with any amazing guitar, is that you can really enjoy your collection - while it appreciates, you can sling it around your neck and really appreciate it. But of course, Mr. Baker did not build these instruments so that people could put them on walls and stare at them. This is at heart a player's guitar - a tool for creativity as well as a functional work of art, and an instrument designed inspire the holder to strive for greater and greater levels of musicianship.

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