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1979 Fender Stratocaster

All-Original, Excellent Condition
Swamp Ash Body with see-through Blonde Finish
Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard
Original Case with Fender Logo Intact
Original Tremolo Bar Included

Here's a 1979 Fender Stratocaster in excellent shape. If you're shopping for strats in the 25-year-old neighbourhood, consider this instrument. This guitar has had but one owner, and was purchased new when that owner was in high school. He put a bit of time in on it since then, but the guitar is in excellent shape for its age, as the pictures below will show.

The see-through Blonde finish shows off a little of the Swamp Ash grain. You'll see some pinkish-red "case-rash" on the guitar body finish, which is basically fabric dye from the case lining that has been absorbed by the body paint. This guitar has sat in its case in a closet, pretty much unplayed for the last ten years. Storage in that stationary position undoubtedly caused the most noticable "rashing", seen as red spots on the upper and lower treble bouts. On the bright side, the case-rash is authentic, at least - check out that original case! In great shape, it even sports the original raised Fender logo on there, completely intact. These are usually long-gone on cases from this era. Very cool! The only other thing worthy of mention in terms of condition is that the high-E tuner peg shaft is a little bit bent. Works just fine, and is completely solid, but the shaft is a little bent to one side. I am sure it can be straightened out fairly easily, but I don't want to attempt it myself.

Everything on this guitar seems to be stock/original. For completeness, you will see the back of the pick guard, pickups and switching electronics pictured below, as well as images of the neck pocket and neck/body mating surface. This is a very playable strat - it has a great set-up, with the action nice and low, and all the frets are in great shape, too. Basically, this instrument is ready to go, and really needs nothing.

As mentioned above, this auction is for the '79 Strat, original tremolo bar and original hardshell case. Thanks for looking, and good luck bidding! Please read my auction terms before bidding, and contact me if you have any questions.

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