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Breedlove SJ25

Western Red Cedar Top
Koa Back & Sides
Premier Rosette and Bridge
Balance Inlay, Tortoise Binding
Fishman Matrix Natural 1 Pickup

Here, we have a super Breedlove SJ25 Jumbo, with a Cedar top and Koa back & sides. But this S-series Breedlove jumbo has more in common with the Premier class Breedloves than it does with the S-series. Sporting an upgraded Premier Abalone spoked rosette, the new-style Premier bridge, and Breedlove's "Balance" inlay, just about the only Premier appointment that you won't find on this guitar is top/back purfling.

This Breedlove jumbo has a superb tone - warm and complex in the midrange, with an authoritative bass response. Not boomy, just powerful, and immediate. And there's no lack of high-end detail, either - there's an excellent balance across all frequencies. Breedlove jumbos move a lot of air, and don't take a lot of energy to get going. As such, they respond beautifully to a light fingerstyle touch. But this guitar also gives out a meaty tone in response to medium/heavy plectrum use. You might expect that a Cedar-topped guitar would suffer overload in response to vigorous strumming, but this guitar has ample headroom. If you're going to be hitting this guitar with Pete Townsend-inspired windmill strums all day, I might recommend you consider a spruce-topped jumbo, but if your style requires excellent response to light/medium touch, with extra headroom there when you need it, then this guitar would be an excellent choice.

This instrument was out in the field as part of the Breedlove Artist Relations program. It was described to me as showing a small amount of play wear, but the only thing I have found is a tiny mark on the top, below the bridge and slightly to the treble side. You have to be really close, in the right light and at just the right angle to see it, and it looks like a tiny depression. There's no hope of me getting a picture of it - it is so minor. But I am very picky, and very thorough about describing the condition of the instruments I sell. This one would pass for untouched! A Fishman Matrix Natural 1 is installed.

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