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Breedlove N25e, Nylon

Western Red Cedar Top
Rosewood Back/Sides
Fishman Prefix Pro Blender
Soft Cutaway, Deep Body

Here's an excellent 'old-school' Breedlove Nylon - one of the early Breedlove Nylon instruments produced. This 2000 N25E sports a Western Red Cedar top and rosewood back and sides, and a top purfling in Abalone. It's stellar to look at, and sounds great too. Back when Breedlove first started making nylon-stringed instruments, they experimented with bracing schemes that were designed for use with the JLD bridge truss system. This N25E does have the bridge truss installed. Newer Nylon models do not - I believe the truss was found to have a negligible effect at the lower string tension of a nylon set, and so they ultimately left it out.

This instrument has a great acoustic tone, but what I really love to do is plug the Fishman Prefix Pro Blender into a good preamp, mixing board, or acoustic amp, put a splash of really good reverb on there (got a Lexicon around?), and then sit down in front of a good set of monitors or an acoustic amp, and pluck away. It's a terrific instrument to play by itself, but it is also a really handy and versatile instrument to have in your studio arsenal, too.

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