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Breedlove Cascade Custom

Sitka Spruce Top
Maple Back/Sides
Ivoroid Binding, Black Purfling
Masterclass Voicing by Kim Breedlove
Asymmetrical K Body Shape, F-Holes

Let's say that there was this guy... Bob, we'll call him. Let's also say he decided one day to order himself a Breedlove Cascade mandolin, but with some upgrades. He liked natural finishes, but wanted something that looked a little settled-in. So he ordered an upgraded aged-toner finish. He also liked gold hardware, so he got the Monteleone tailpiece and tuning machines in gold finish. Finally, he also decided an Ivoroid binding with a single strip of black purfling would look better on this instrument than the standard black binding. That was a great choice on Bob's part. Finally, Bob wanted this mandolin to sound as good as it possibly could, so he paid yet more to have Masterclass voicing performed by Kim Breedlove.

Bob sure sounds like he knows what he's doing, eh? But I am afraid Bob is a figment of my imagination. But the story of how this mandolin truly came to be is actually quite interesting all by itself. So I'll share!

This Cascade mandolin actually started out life as a Breedlove Rogue. As such, it was personally voiced by Kim Breedlove, as are all Masterclass mandolins. But after construction and assembly of the body, the new guy in the bindery department had a little trouble getting the Walnut binding right, and in redressing the binding slot after his first attempt, ended up making the slot a little too wide for the binding. Plan B was enacted. Here is the thought process.. let's try some Ivoroid binding, and a classy little strip of purfling in there instead. Works like a treat, and looks super. Great! But wait... now is this a Rogue? Well, mostly. Let's get that Rogue neck on there next. Oh oh... that walnut neck binding looks a bit odd next to the Ivoroid binding on the body. Ok, no problem... we'll save that Rogue neck for another Rogue, and go with a standard Cascade neck and this instrument can be a nicely upgraded Cascade custom. But wait - the neck and the body are from different batches of Maple, and are little bit off in color. Shoot! Well, no problem... work in a little bit of aged toner, and we've got a beautiful Cascade Custom, with the stunning tone that only Masterclass voicing delivers. Boy, Bob sure is going to be happy.

And that's the story of how this mandolin came to be. But the truth is, it doesn't need a story - it does not need a single thing. All it needs is to be played and appreciated, and to play it will be to love it. It's awesome! One of the best-sounding Breedlove mandolins I've ever heard. Actually, one of the best-sounding mandolins I've heard, period. It somehow feels both new and well-loved all at the same time, although it is mint and practically unplayed. This instrument came straight from Breedlove to Imagine Guitars, and is covered by a one year Tried and True Breedlove Warranty. Includes TKL premier hardshell case as pictured.

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