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Breedlove J25

Sitka Spruce Top
Walnut Back/Sides
Balance Fingerboard Inlay
Fishman Matrix Natural 1 Pickup

Ever try a Breedlove Jumbo? If the bigger lower bout width is something you can work with, you'll get a lot of power and tone for your trouble. And this Breedlove J25 Jumbo will deliver on the jumbo promise.

This J25 sports a beautiful Walnut back/side set, a Sitka Spruce top, and Breedlove's Balance inlay on an Ebony fingerboard. A "tortoise-shell" pickguard gives the guitar some tidy, practical top protection without detracting from the Breedlove aesthetic.

This instrument is incredibly well made (like all Breedloves) and has excellent tone - you get a powerful response to meaty pick attack, but this guitar shines even when strummed quietly. The tone is complex but in control - Walnut tends to let the top wood sing without a lot of sympathetic vibration. It takes very little power to get this guitar going, but once it's going, you've got lots of headroom too. So pick lightly late at night, or lay into it in the middle of your next Bluegrass jam... and love it either way.

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