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Breedlove C25

Sitka Spruce Top
Mahogany Back/Sides

When it comes to selecting tonewoods on a Breedlove, it's sometimes easy to overlook Mahogany as an option. After all, let's face it - Breedlove builds guitars with some of the most amazing tonewoods available, both in terms of looks and tone. But some of the best damn guitars I've ever heard and played have been made with Mahogany. This most venerable of tonewoods delivers a tone that is solid and strong in the bass, with clearly defined highs. It gives a lot of the warmth of koa, but with a less pronounced midrange, giving it a balanced, articulate tone. If I were forced to whittle my own collection down to a single instrument, the one I'd have left would likely be a certain Mahogany-backed guitar I own. It's not the most expensive guitar in my stable, but it does so many things so well. And that's what I'd need if I could only have one.

This Breedlove C25 really fits the above description well. It's not the most ornately appointed instrument you can find on my site, but if you're after a guitar that sounds great and is a great player to boot, and you don't need a backwood that looks like it might have cost the lives of three sherpas and a pack-pony to bring out of the darkest corners of the rainforest.... well, to you, may I present your new guitar. And it's not like the Mahogany is hard on the eyes, either - it's a gorgeous rich red color, with a great pattern to the grain. But lets get back to tone. This guitar is really sparkly in the high end - you get crisp high notes that cut through well. And there's a really solid bass response to underpin the highs. It's a really satisfying guitar to hear. And it's a treat to play, too - the neck feels great, and action is right in the pocket.

If you're not normally one to stop at a Mahogany guitar and you have read this far, then my flowery prose might well have worked - perhaps I've got you considering a tonewood you might not have thought about. If however, you're already a Mahogany fan and you're also in the market for a Breedlove, give me a call about this one. It's a winner.

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