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Breedlove C20-12

Redwood Top
Mahogany Back/Sides
Masterclass Bloodwood Binding
Herringbone Top Purfling

Oh my word... if you're on the hunt for a Breedlove twelve-string, prick your ears up right now, because this is a very special one. Here's a fantastic Breedlove C20-12, with top-notch appointments and a fantastic tone. First, there's a gorgeous Redwood top to take in. It's definitely what you'll notice first when you open the plush hardshell case that keeps this beauty safe and sound. The Redwood is framed by a Herringbone top purfling, and a rich Masterclass Bloodwood binding. Frankly, I couldn't imagine this guitar being bound with anything BUT Bloodwood - a perfect boundary between the rich Redwood top and warm Mahogany back and sides. The overall effect is opulence in crimson - a work of art, but an inviting one.

And if this is indeed one of the best-looking Breedlove 12-strings I've ever seen (it is), you might expect that it is also one of the best-sounding Breedlove twelve strings I've seen. And it is.

Breedlove's concert body size never fails to amaze - I am always taken aback at the amount of sound that comes out of such a modestly sized guitar. While this particular instrument is not the loudest Breedlove twelve I've had the pleasure of playing (that honour must go to the Breedlove jumbo twelve string), but it is the warmest, most harmonically complex twelve I've put my hands on. That's due in no small part to that Redwood top - even warmer and more open than Cedar in most cases, Redwood is as distinctive tonally as it is visually. String-to-string balance is excellent. Bass notes ring strongly, and trebles shimmer alone or in chorus, giving a very full, very satisfying overall sound. Just super!

This guitar was originally built as a special/custom-order piece. The customer was ultimately not able to complete the deal, however, and the instrument was returned to Breedlove by the ordering dealer.

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