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Breedlove J25-12

Western Red Cedar Top
Walnut Back/Sides

This excellent Breedlove J25 12-string guitar is a perfect example of everything I love about Breedlove twelves. First, they play like Breedlove sixes! Ok, at 1 7/8", the neck is a little wider than a standard six, but twelve-string Breedloves are very comfortable to play indeed. Second, it has the tone that makes Breedlove twelve-strings so amazing to play and to hear. The sound cannot be decribed without using the word resonance, which in this case means both the resonance of the instrument as you play (it seems like every part of the body is in on the act of moving air around) and the resonance this guitar will have with your expectations of what an exceptional 12 should sound like. This instrument in particular seems to have a sound that comes out of nowhere - it is hard to describe, but it's almost like there is a convergence of power in front of the instrument, where all the voices coming from this instrument combine to make a choir. That sounds really flowery, I know - but this guitar really is delightful. And I speak from experience, having played and represented quite a few of Breedlove's finest 12-strings.

This is a used instrument, but you won't see a single mark on it. Yet another pristine used Breedlove guitar from Imagine Guitars, recertified as "Tried and True" by the quality assurance department at Breedlove Guitars in Tumalo, Oregon, and backed with a One Year Breedlove Warranty. Comes with a Premiere TKL/Breedlove hardshell 6-buckle case.

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