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Breedlove C12

Sitka Spruce Top
Quilted Maple Back/Sides
Maple Neck
Master Class Walnut Binding
Koa Rosette

This, folks, is a 1996 "C1", which is now known as the C12. This is the instrument with which I kicked off my love affair with the Breedlove Guitar Company. This guitar sports a Sitka Spruce top and an absolutely amazing quilted Maple back and side set, with Masterclass Walnut binding, a Koa rosette, and Rock Maple neck. I bought this instrument new in early 1997 at my local Breedlove dealer. I had been in the shop a few times, and a Cedar-topped "C1" had been catching my eye. It was going for what seemed at the time to me to be a lot of money, but I was ready for a quality acoustic instrument, and no other guitars had come close to having the impact that Breedloves had on me. So I saved my pennies and headed down to the store one Saturday afternoon with the intention of buying it.

But when I arrived, my friendly sales assistant suggested that if I was ready to plunk down cash, I really ought to make sure I was buying the ONE, the best guitar I could find, and he encouraged me to spend some time trying other guitars for comparison. What a novel idea, said I! One hundred and twenty glorious minutes later, I had a guitar in my hand. I was holding it tightly by the neck. I was going to buy it. And it was not the C1. I played every Breedlove in the store (at least twenty instruments, if I recall correctly), as well as instruments from several other fine makers, and the one that stood out from all the rest, the one that made me increase my already stretched spending limit another 20%, was this C1.

After the Sitka Spruce top, I think it's the combination of the Maple and the shallow body that contribute most to the responsive, even tone of this instrument. It has a sweet, strong bass presence, and stays just as sweet through warm mids and a crisp high end. Excellent string-to-string balance, and a tone that has the trademark Breedlove complexity, but with perhaps a stronger emphasis on the fundamental than some other models. The Maple neck feels great - solid, smooth and comfortable. I love Maple necks, and that was a big selling point for me.

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