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Breedlove SC25

Adirondack Spruce Top
Walnut Back/Sides
Herringbone Top Purfling
Blank Fingerboard

Are you looking for a Breedlove guitar? Chances are good that you are, if you're looking at this auction. If so, then let me ask... do you want an absolutely top-notch Breedlove, with superb tone and excellent playability? And if you do, let me lastly enquire whether you are interested in such a guitar at a fantastic price? An amazing price? An unheard-of price?

Then have a look at this SC25. First, that's Adirondack Spruce you see on top. I get very excited about spruce upgrades, as they always seem to step things up a notch. And Adirondack is the granddaddy of showboat spruces. Used frequently before WWII, Adirondack suffered the fate of overharvesting, and became quite rare. Stocks are back up, but the logs are not huge, and neither is the yield of top-quality wood suitable for this level of guitarmaking. If you have not played an Adirondack-topped instrument, you ought to find out for yourself why this topwood is so often called the Holy Grail of spruces.

And flanking the Adirondack at every turn is a Herringbone top purfling. Classic - an excellent choice. For the back and sides, Breedlove has used a very cool, understated Walnut set. With a top this nice, you really want to let it sing, and the best way to do that is to match it with a back and sides that are relatively transparent, acoustically speaking.

And sing it does. This guitar has a fantastic tone - crystalline on the high end, the treble notes seem to shimmer. And the sound stays beautiful and full all the way through the midrange to the bass. A richly resonant guitar, with a lot of sparkle, and a lot of presence.

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