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Breedlove K5 Mandolin, #007

Hand-made Pre-Production Mandolin
Hand-carved Sitka Spruce Top
Hand-carved Fiddleback Maple Back/Sides
McIntyre Pickup
007th Breedlove Mandolin Ever Made!

Here is a very special Breedlove mandolin indeed... a "K5", serial number 007 - the 7th Breedlove mandolin ever built. The K5 model went on to become the Breedlove Cascade mandolin. This is a pre-production instrument, and as such was completely hand-made, built and finished mostly by Kim Breedlove, with Kim's close oversight of any processes he was not handling directly. Basically, this is a really choice piece - a great player, but also from a historical standpoint, a terrific mandolin for any discriminating Breedlove collector.

This instrument was originally purchased by a collector with a number of interesting Breedlove instruments in his stable. He decided to sell because he never played it, and wished to get another Breedlove guitar - so it was traded in to Breedlove against that new purchase. Prior to arrival at Imagine Guitars, Breedlove upgraded all of the instrument hardware to Master Class, as follows. First, the butterbean tailpiece was upgraded to the gold Monteleone tailpiece pictured. Second, the tuners were upgraded to gold. And the original silver bridge adjustment wheels were removed and replaced with gold ones. Finally, this K5 was given a complete factory inspection and set-up.

To look at, this mandolin is a work of art. The sunburst finish is more subtle than that found on current Cascade models, and gives the instrument a warm, even glow. As a player's instrument, it's a great sounding mandolin - punchy and resonant, with a traditional tone thanks to tonebar bracing and some very attentive voicing during construction. And it could use some playing, I'd say - it barely saw any action while sitting in the relative quiet of the aforementioned private collection, and so it feels as new as it looks. So you could buy this instrument for investment purposes, knowing that you're picking up an extremely rare and very early Breedlove in pristine condition... or you can buy it to play it day in and day out, and enjoy the unique pleasure of hearing this beauty open up a bit more, knowing that you are playing something truly unique and rare.

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