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Breedlove CM Custom

Engelmann Spruce Top
Myrtlewood Back/Sides
Myrtlewood Binding

In the September 2002 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine, two totally unique Breedlove instruments were given away in a contest. Both had tops of Engelmann Spruce, and backs of Myrtlewood. Both had Myrtlewood binding. And both were stunning - to look at, and to hear. But they were not the same type of instrument... one was a Breedlove mandolin. And one was a Breedlove guitar.

And here is that guitar... a phenomenal Breedlove CM, with a top of Engelmann spruce, and a double-dip of Myrtlewood everywhere else - a back and sides of figured Myrtlewood, and Myrtlewood binding on the body and neck. The neck wood itself is Rock Maple, topped with a blank Ebony fingerboard, and the bridge and peghead overlay are also of Ebony.This instrument popped up on ebay recently, although it flew under the radar of many collectors and players, as it was incorrectly listed as a CM Classic, in Cedar/Walnut. Apparently, the original owner did not know much about the instrument. And they also did not seem to have much of an urge to play it, as it is in mint condition. Luckily, a friend and Imagine Guitars customer was the winner of the original auction for this guitar. He was quite surprised to open the case and see this beauty rather than the Cedar/Walnut CM he had been expecting... but after correspondence with the seller he was confident that the mistake was an honest one, and he opted not to return it. But he did really want a CM Classic, as it turned out, and so I found him one and took this instrument into the Imagine stable. And here it is, fully and honestly represented - a truly unique CM, the pinnacle of the Breedlove guitar-building aesthetic.

I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure that this guitar arrived with the original strings (D'addario EXP) still on it. Some of them were still lively, but obviously a new set was in order. In between string sets, I adjusted the JLD bridge truss for proper tension, and then restrung the guitar with D'Addario phosphor bronze lights. And then I said WOW. I'm a big fan of maple-back guitars - I like the tight, focused sound, and the string-to-string clarity that Maple contributes. Myrtlewood has a lot of the same characteristics going on. The Engelmann spruce top responds nicely to finger style playing and strumming.

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