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Breedlove SC25

Sitka Spruce Top
Striped Ebony Back/Sides

Here's a Breedlove that will make just about anyone happy and ecstatic to have purchased it. This is a beautiful Breedlove SC25, with a Sitka Spruce top and a stunning striped Ebony back/side set. To play, this is an excellent guitar - very full-sounding, responsive and resonant, with a neck and fretboard that are fast and easy. A terrific Breedlove! And would you take a LOOK at this thing! The Ebony is gorgeous. You'll probably put this one up on the studio wall backwards every once in a while. And why not.

This guitar in dead mint condition. Although it was a showroom model for a brief time, it shows no signs of play wear whatsoever. I love playing this one, but I will be carefull not to add any wear of my own. Prior to arrival at Imagine Guitars, this instrument underwent complete setup and inspection at Breedlove.

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