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Breedlove CM Classic

Western Red Cedar Top
Figured Walnut Back/Sides and sides
Asymmetrical Grand-Concert body
Sharp Cutaway
Master Class Bloodwood binding

The Breedlove CM... the ultimate expression of the Breedlove aesthetic. An asymmetrical Grand-Concert body, with Sharp Cutaway, Figured Walnut back and sides, Western Red Cedar top, Linear Fusion Inlay, Master Class Bloodwood binding and abalone rosette. Check out that figured Walnut on the back! There's a stunning figure to the sweeping Walnut grain, and there's a cross grain that flows across perpendicularly, and shimmers in the light. The Breedlove CM is absolutely an instrument that sounds as amazing as it looks, and that is a lot to live up to - this instrument is made with an incredible attention to detail and quality.

This CM is a top quality instrument, with only one single thing keeping it from being mint/pristine. There is a ding, midway along the bass side of the instrument. This ding was inflicted during manufacture by the handle of an Exacto knife. I have been asked to refrain from describing the event in too much detail in order to protect the identities of the embarassed, but I can tell you that the Exacto was actually airborne for a moment, and did hit someone in the head prior to falling on the guitar. I imagine the whole sequence of events could be done some descriptive justice if it were rendered in Bullet-Time. The result of this mishap is a 2mm ding in the finish of the instrument.

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