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Breedlove C15

2000 Model
Western Red Cedar Top
Koa Back & Sides
Concert/Soft Cutaway

This is the second of two guitars that were bought back by Breedlove from an L.A. Breedlove dealer... the first was a C22, that went to a very happy customer for a great price (another "Steal this Guitar" auction from Imagine Guitars...). That instrument sounded great and was an all-around terrific player, but it spent some time as a session guitar and the wear certainly showed.

This C15 sounds just fantastic - warm yet also snappy and powerful, with a playability and responsiveness that would satisfy the pickiest of fingerpickers, and the most persnickety of plectrum players. But it is also in fantastic shape! Expect to see a small amount of shop wear on this instrument - very very light pick scratches is about the extent of it. Between the L.A. dealer and Imagine Guitars, this instrument was returned to factory specifications by Breedlove - this would include a complete inspection, and if required, a full set-up.

Bottom line: an awesome Breedlove - one that jumped out at me as soon as I got it, and one that has stayed close since then. I can tell when I am particularly attached to a guitar... it takes me a really long time to get around to listing it for sale. When you're as spoiled as I am, with lots of fantastic Breedloves at my fingertips at any given time, that's about the best compliment I can give. And this guitar deserves it.

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