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Breedlove C22

Western Red Cedar Top
Mahogany Back & Sides
Concert/Sharp Cutaway

This little Breedlove was born in 1999, and soon thereafter it was sent away to the big city... to Los Angeles. Fresh off the bus and starry-eyed, it was taken in by an L.A. Breedlove dealership. In the time between then and now, this guitar has been a showroom model. But it has also led a second life as a session instrument, and has been loaned out to a few top studios around L.A. I am not sure what particular sessions on which it was used, how many sessions there were, or who may have played at them.

This C22 sounds awesome. It's great to play. It's a prime example of Breedlove's Sharp Cutaway Concert instrument. A nicely open Cedar top rings above a sturdy Mahogany body, producing a very warm, but also very articulate, acoustic guitar.

From the looks of this guitar, it has been bumped into the guitar stand once or twice in its life. Fifth picture up from bottom, you will see the main evidence of this. On the left, minor scuffing of the top, surface of finish only. On the right, a small linear slice or gouge, again only in the finish. There are also "string dings" behind the bridge. One particularly good whack with the ball-end of the lower E string has caused a small check in the finish, right off the lower end of the bridge and about 1 cm long. The only other issue worthy of mention is that the back exhibits a series of tiny finish dings. This are miniscule indentations that you have to be really close and at just the right angle to see... but they are there. They are here and there all over the back. I could not capture them in a photograph. It is not known how they got there, but my guess is that at one of these aforementioned sessions, someone was playing a shirt adorned with stainless steel sequins, or something. They are very very light, very hard to see. And did I say tiny?

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