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Breedlove SC25

Sitka Spruce Top
Walnut Back & Sides
Deep Concert, Soft Cutaway

Amongst the yellowed, fire-tinged pages of the Big Book of Breedlove Lore, one finds this entry....

"and in the year nineteen hundred and ninety six, fell spirits did besmirch our gate. The exemplary fruits of the labour of our skilled and meticulous craftfolk were for a while compromised, by a batch of finish lacquer that we surmise was blended by an apothecary with a mind too feeble to stay focused on his formulations."

And so it was that some Breedlove guitars produced in 1996 developed what some have affectionately called "Foggy Finish." In reality, the problem manifests itself over time, either as a slight haze to the finish, or a tackiness, a higher surface friction, than a finish of this quality should exhibit. I am intimately aware of this issue... my own '96 C12 maple was affected. The solution is a complete refinish of the guitar body.

Which brings us to the guitar in question... a lovely '96 SC25, in Sitka and Walnut. A great fingerstyle guitar, and also a powerful, resonant instrument for the plectrum player, this SC25 has the unique attributes of being both nicely broken in, and also minty new in appearance, thanks to the refinish. There is not a single thing I could find worth mentioning in terms of dings or other marks. The original owner ultimately decided to trade this instrument in against a custom model, and so here she is, ready to go to a new owner for a terrific price.

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