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Breedlove SC25

Sitka Spruce Top
Maple Back and Sides
Focus Inlay

Fishman Pro Blender

Ah, Maple... what a terriffic wood to make a guitar-back out of. And the sides, too! And a Breedlove maple guitar is unlike any other. They have the clarity, balance and separation of sound from string to string that first draws one to Maple, but Maple Breedloves - especially in the Concert body size - have a depth, a richness to the low-end response that makes you do a double-take as you wonder how so much sound can come from such a reasonably sized package.

This Breedlove SC25 plays wonderfully, and it is a very resonant and responsive instrument. Breedlove uses Pacific Northwest big leaf maple, and the back and side woods used for this instrument exhibit a curliness that I can best describe as liquid fire running down the back of the instrument. Very cool, quite multidimensional.

This instrument is equipped with the Breedlove "Performance Package" - Focus Mother of Pearl fingerboard inlays, strap button, top Purfling, and a Fishman Pro Blender pickup system. Also includes an S Series hardshell case. Condition on this (hardly) used instrument can be accurately described as pristine. It was traded back in to Breedlove by a customer who wished to upgrade to a master class model. There do not appear to be any scratches or dings whatsoever on this guitar. The electronics sound great, too.

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