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Breedlove C15

Redwood Top
Figured Mahogany Back & Sides
Custom Sea Monster Inlay
Limited Edition - 2 of 5

In my humble opinion, shallow-body Concert-size Breedloves are possibly the most distinctive guitars in the Breedlove line. This distinction starts with the sound (as it should). These guitars put out such a strong, complex, rich tone for their size that it can be startling. The first Breedlove I ever bought - a maple-backed 1996 C12 - is a prime example. I picked that guitar out of a roomful of Breedloves for stunning sound, stunning looks, and the fact that in terms of volume, it was giving Jumbos a run for their money! This Limited Edition C15 is no exception. Add a Redwood top to the mix, and you've got something REALLY special. Even warmer than Cedar, the combination of this top wood with the shallow Concert body style has produced an instrument that is one of the most responsive and resonant guitars I've ever played. And as if that weren't enough, it's also incredibly beautiful to look at! Every time I open the case on this beauty, I say "ooh!" The rich Redwood top is complemented by a figured Mahogany back and sides. A gorgeous striped pattern runs diagonally all the way around the sides of the guitar, and is repeated in the back wood. A "Sea Monster" inlay at the 12th fret indicates limited edition status - this guitar is #2 of 5. Tortoise binding and top/back purfling provide a crisp, classy finish to this beautiful guitar.

This instrument was part of a five-guitar run, made to commemorate a partnership with Schertler Electronics (here's the Press Release). Originally, it had a Bluestick pickup installed... a buyer snapped this instrument up from his dealer as soon as he saw it (it's just that pretty) and asked that a Fishman Matrix Natural pick-up be installed instead, which it was. Unfortunately, this person was primarily a medium to heavy rhythm player, and this is not exactly the best instrument to have if you're strumming all the time. But for anyone who likes to play a combination of fingerstyle and light strumming, this instrument will be an absolute delight, and something you'll never want to let go of.

Condition on this (hardly) used instrument can be accurately described as pristine. I cannot find any sign of wear - there don't even seem to be pick marks on the top. As mentioned, a Fishman Matrix NT1 pick-up is included, as well as a Premier/Masterclass TKL/Breedlove 6-clasp case.

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