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Breedlove Northwest Classic

Sitka Spruce Top
Myrtlewood Back & Sides
Master Class Walnut Binding

Here's a stunning Breedlove Northwest Classic, in mint condition. This used but hardly touched instrument is literally showroom new, plays beautifully, and sounds phenomenal. The Myrtlewood/Sitka combination produces instruments with a crisp, clear voice.

No guitar expresses the spirit of the Pacific Northwest more eloquently than the Northwest model. This instrument is created from woods native to the region. The back and sides are myrtlewood from Oregon’s coastal mountains. Harmonizing with the myrtlewood’s glowing golden color and intricate grain pattern are a top of Sitka spruce from Alaska, a neck of Pacific Northwest big leaf maple, and a binding of walnut from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The personality of the Northwest conveys itself most powerfully in the fingerboard, inlaid with authentic Northwest totem images, hand engraved in abalone and mother-of-pearl. With sound quality and responsiveness to match its visual beauty, the C25 Northwest is an instrument that will lift your spirit – and your playing – to new levels.

This particular Northwest was taken back as a trade-in by a customer who decided they wanted a similar custom model. I am not sure what they did with it while they had it, but based on the pristine condition of this instrument, my guess is that they spent most of their time looking at it (in its case) from across the room, and perhaps handling it from time to time with white cotton gloves. There is not a single mark on it.

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