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Breedlove Balance

Western Red Cedar Top
Mahogany Back and Sides
Tortoise Bound Body
Fishman Matrix Natural 1

Ok, folks.. if you've been looking at Breedloves on Ebay lately, you've probably come across more than a few of my auctions for all kinds of Breedloves - from entry level to top end and everything in between. But HERE's an instrument that should be of interest to ANY Breedlove shopper, at either end of the scale. This is the Breedlove Balance. And this is one stellar instrument - I don't know if they are all like this one, but this particular one is stellar. I like this guitar so much that I have actually had it for a month already, and have "not gotten around" to listing it yet. It sounds like angels. It plays like butter. It sits in your lap like... oh, I don't know, like something that sits in your lap really nicely.It's just a sweet, sweet guitar.

From Breedlove's web site: The Balance has a woody, lush, articulate voice. Perfect for the singer-songwriter in all of us. Completed with electronics, strap buttons, and ready for the spotlight. An "S" series Performance Package, the Focus features: A Western Red Cedar Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Tortoise Bound Body, Ebony Fingerboard and Peghead Overlay, Breedlove Balance Inlay, Fishman Matrix Natural 1, and D'Addario EXP Light Gauge Strings.

The Balance comes with the active Fishman saddle transducer installed, and is ready for you to add any kind of second source you might desire - a soundhole magnetic, an internal mic, or just the Fishman alone in conjuction with an external pre-amp would give you a phenomenal live sound.

There is one reason why this instrument is not currently hanging on a showroom wall somewhere, being ogled by prospective buyers. While in the showroom at Breedlove, someone bumped it into a guitar stand. The result of this collision is a depression in the finish so small, so minor, that you quite simply would not even notice it unless you sat in just the right light and eyeballed the guitar from two inches away for ten minutes. The dimple is less than a millimeter in diameter, on the top, near the tail of the instrument, on the treble side. I could not even get a clear picture of it. It's the kind of "ding" where if you owned this guitar, were playing it and accidentally bumped it against your chair, you'd look to see what damage you did, find this tiny dimple, and say "whew, that was close."

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