Breedlove C12 Custom

Serial Number:
Style: Concert, Shallow, Sharp Cutaway
Top: Redwood (dealer spec.)
Back: Ziricote
Neck: Mahogany
Board: Ebony
Inlay: Imagine Guitars Custom Eclipse
Binding: Bloodwood, Master Class
Condition: Mint

Breedlove C12 Custom - Imagine Guitars Custom #1

I've played a great many Breedlove custom shop guitars. And in playing those guitars, I have developed a strong feel for what really pushes a Breedlove over the top in tone and appearance. I recently decided it was high time I started ordering custom instruments built to my specifications, and offer the resulting instruments for sale at Imagine Guitars.

And here is the very of those custom orders. I went with the C12 body shape. I've had a thing for the shallow body Breedloves since I bought my first one, a C1 (now C12) in '97. I'll come back to this and write more about shallow bodies, but if you're a regular here you already know why I like 'em. And as far as that sharp cutaway goes... that's simply the cutting edge of Breedlove design.

The Redwood billet for this guitar was selected at my request. A few months ago, I received a new Breedlove Phoenix, and it was simply incredible. I instantly had a piece of that Redwood put aside for a future custom order. And here is where that piece ended up.

This guitar features a custom "Eclipse" inlay, that I actually personally designed for this guitar. Nothing similar as ever appeared on a Breedlove. I provided conceptual drawings to Kim Breedlove, and he executed a beautiful rendition of my idea in Gold Pearl and Bloodwood. The inlay series begins with a small, irridescent planet at the 5th fret, while the 7th and 9th have that planet larger, but progressively obscured by a passing dark body. At the 12th fret, the Eclipse is full, and a corona appears. The eclipse sequence continues at frets 15 and 17, and a full, but small planet clearly visible at the ninteenth fret.

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