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Breedlove Pacific Custom

Bear Claw Spruce Top
Quilted Maple Back & Sides
Bloodwood Binding
Abalone Top Purfling
Sea Leaves Inlay

This is a highly customized Breedlove Pacific. This instrument was built as a custom order for one of my customers, but he has since decided to thin the herd a little (as I think we all do at some point, although I often find that with both myself and my customers and friends, the herd tends to get thicker again within a year!) But I digress... the bottom line on this guitar is that it's a top-notch Pacific with some very cool upgrades. First, you'll notice a top of stunning Bearclaw Spruce. The silking pattern is striking - there are beautiful, diagonal wiggles of silking that seem to converge on the bottom side of the soundhole. And since we're now at the soundhole, let's talk about the Abalone rosette. Hand-picked by the customer, the Abalone used for the rosette and purfling is some of the sparkliest, multi-colored shell I've seen - really beautiful. The back and sides are of quilted Maple - again, a particularly gorgeous set of AAAA/Master Grade wood. It's on fire. The binding is Bloodwood - an excellent choice, one of my favorite Breedlove bindings. This is a cross-grade from the Koa bind on the standard Pacific. And the nut and saddle are of Fossilized Walrus Ivory. Finally, the guitar is finished in an absolutely spectacular sunburst finish - this was another aspect of the appointments list that the original owner paid close attention to. And for his trouble, he got an amazing finish - from dark and mysterious to light and lively, and back again. Overall, this guitar sports a simply fantastic feature set - no expense spared.

This guitar has a terrific tone - clear and focused, as I have come to expect with Maple-backed Breedloves (my first ever Breedlove was a C1 in quilted Maple - they do wonderful things with this wood.) The sound is almost bell-like, with excellent string-t0-string clarity. While this guitar looks like it should be played all day in delicate fingerstyle, it's actually a great guitar to play with your favorite plectrum - you'll be delighted by the substantial volume and projection you get from this instrument. Just super!

This instrument is in fantastic condition. The things keeping it from mint are basically mild play wear - some light but even pick marks on the treble side, some tiny marks on the top near the tail (possibly the brushing of a sleeve button on the instrument.) There is also a tiny, thin finish lift on body over the binding, just to the bass side of the neck. It is minute. I am very picky about describing condition, and I can assure you that you have to look very closely to see these things.

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