Taylor K22-ce Grand Concert

Style: Grand Concert
Top: Figured Redwood (Owner Supplied)
Back: Koa
Binding: Tortoise
Fretboard: Ebony with Abalone inlay
Electronics: Taylor Expression System
Condition: Mint (see description)
Taylor K22-ce Custom Shop Grand Concert, Figured Redwood/Koa

This wonderful Taylor K22-ce is a rare bird indeed. In a complete departure from Taylor factory policy, it was made with customer-supplied figured Redwood on top (Taylor does not normally accept wood from customers for building.) The Redwood was paired with an absolutely stunning set of Koa on the back and sides, resulting in a simply incredible Taylor Grand Concert - a wonderful guitar for fingerstyle and light strumming, and a truly one-of-a-kind instrument.

This guitar features a gorgeous Abalone rosette, Abalone top purfling and fingerboard inlays, and even the Taylor logo is in Abalone, set into an Ebony headstock overlay. The tuner buttons are also Ebony.

The tone of this guitar is wonderful - rich, full and open, with harmonic complexity, a clear high end, warm midtones with a nice, even bass response. If you're a Taylor Grand Concert fan, you might know that Taylor begain re-voicing that guitar a little over a year ago, with a very noticable improvement. This was actually the second production guitar to receive this new grand concert voicing. This guitar sounds great in person, but also records particularly well, too. In fact, this very guitar was used in the recording of Brian Wilson's recent "Smile" album. The current owner is a friend of Jeffrey Foskett, and loaned the guitar to him for a few of the sessions. The owner and I are exploring the possibility of providing documentation for this, but unless I amend this listing, consider this an interesting, undocumented anecdote.

This K22-ce includes the Taylor Expression System electronics. The factory TRS-to-XLR cable is included, but you can also use any quality stereo or mono cable. The list price on this guitar would be $5,800, assuming you could even order one like this. Which you can't. Includes Taylor deluxe Hardshell Case, and all case candy as pictured.
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