Taylor 614ce, 2001

Sitka Spruce Top
Big Leaf (Flamed) Maple Back & Sides
Fishman Prefix Blender Electronics

This pretty creature is a near-mint Taylor 614ce, in a striking and beautiful blue finish. The top is of Sitka Spruce, with a back of Big Leaf Maple - a two piece back, rather than the three-piece backs of the current 614ce model. The neck is Hard Rock Maple, and the Ebony fingerboard is inlayed with Taylor's Pearl "Leaf" Pattern. A Fishman Prefix Blender dual source pickup system with side-mounted preamp is installed.

I've had the pleasure of playing a lot of Taylors, from my own first Taylor, a simple but tasty '95 412, to some of their most expensive and ornately appointed instruments. In terms of tone and playability, this guitar is among the best Taylors I've experienced first-hand. The Grand Auditorium body has great volume and projection, and the tone is full and punchy, but with rich harmonic content. It all adds up to an instrument with solid bass response, a warm mid-range, and a nicely defined treble.

As I state above, condition is near-mint. There are several miniscule marks on the top, and a small and very light scratch mark on the back. When you actually find it (it's hard to see), it looks like a fine inch-long hair has fallen onto the guitar. Overall, very, very minor signs of playwear, and I am very picky about describing the condition of instruments I sell.

Includes brown Taylor luggage-style hardshell case. Current retail price on a new 614ce would be $3,788. Please email with any questions you may have, and read my auction terms before bidding.

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