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Splawn Quick Rod 100 Watt Amp Head in Plexi Red & Gold

Design: All Tube Hand Wired
Power: 1000 Watts
Retail: $1,950

Splawn Quick Rod 100 Watt Amp head in Plexi Red and Gold

This is the most amazing all Tube Amp around. If you are a fan of classic Marshall Amps then you will love this animal. Starting out customizing old Marshall Amps, Splawn now makes their own products and what an amp they make. The new “Quick Rod” from Splawn is a Marshal Like amp with some very desirable features. This head is powered at 100 watts and switch-able to 50 watts.

It comes with a Clean channel with independent EQ for Rhythm and a Lead channel with solo Boost. It has a 3 position Mode switch on the overdrive channel for selecting the different voicing. The Mode switch voicing is comprised of “1st Gear for a Hot Rod Plexi sound, 2nd Gear for a Hot Rod 800 sound, and 3rd Gear for a Super Hot Rod 800 sound.

The Over drive channel has an OD1/OD2 footswitch function which give you a gain setting for Rhythm and Lead sounds. It also comes with an effects loop and half power switch (100W/50W). The three button footswitch functions are #1 Clean & overdrive, #2 OD1 & OD2, and #3 Solo Boost.

The amp is available equipped with either EL34’s or JJKT77’s.  The Cabinet is wrapped in a custom Plexi Red and Gold color. Even people who do not require this much power drool over the sound emanating from this “Quick Rod amp.